Monday, March 11, 2013


Hello, Hoping everyone is doing well this week. It is our Spring Break here in Texas, so the kids are off for a week. I have one home and one in Nicaragua on a medical mission trip. I have been doing nothing but praying that God keeps her safe and sound and returns her to me on Sunday in one piece. It sure is stressful when your children travel without you, but I have been trying to keep busy with my art journaling. Here is another page I did today. Hope you like it. I am sure I will be back tomorrow with something new. Have a great Monday. Hugs Gabbi


  1. Love this Gabbi! I'm sending some positive thoughts your way to help you make it through till Sunday :) Hugs, Katie

  2. Love your work! Hope your daughter makes it home safe and sound!

  3. Hi Gabbi, thanks for vissiting my blog and youre reactions. I just had a look at youre blog. It's nice to see you also have a love for drawing faces. You can draw very pretty.
    Liefs, Melanie