Thursday, March 14, 2013

Art Dolls

So here is Pray and Trust. My first attempt at making art dolls out of polymer clay. I used to love working with clay about ten years ago, but this is my first attempt at an art doll. it was alot of fun, just very time consuming and then frustrating because i kept breaking things off, like fingers and arms and one leg. so theres alot of glue holding these babies together now. I guess I will have to work on making the pieces thicker or paint them before i bake them. I dont know, but here they are. They are keeping me busy until sunday when my daughter makes it back from nicaragua. Still holding my breath. Ugh!!!!


  1. Wow Gabbi these are awesome! A woman of many talents!

    Hope your daughter has a safe trip:0)


  2. These are AWESOME Gabbi! I totally love them :) Hope your daughter made it back safe and sound...hugs, Katie

  3. This is really impressive. I never have much luck with clay. :)