Monday, February 11, 2013

My Life Lately

Hello friends, Its been a few weeks since I have blogged, and I am going to tell you why. Do you ever get stumped for something to create? or just want to do something different for a change? That is the path I have been on lately. I have been wanting to do something a little different. Not a crazy, out there different, just test the waters on a different crafting direction. I also have been job hunting and had several interviews that I thought went really well, however, I never got a call back on any of the job opportunities. I figured someone out there with a degree, or someone younger or just someone better suited for the job got it instead. I have been trying to tell myself that they just werent the right ones for me yet. (so thats what Im believing at the moment).
Anyway, so with that, I have decided to give mixed media a try. I see alot of beautiful painting and drawings out there that I have been admiring for a little while now. I know I cant draw faces, I have tried, but I found some websites that have free workshops and some other workshops that I have been reading about and thinking about doing. There a few artists so far that I have fallen in love with. Of course Krista with Saturated Canary will always be my first love as, but A few of these artists that I love as well are: Adriana Almanza, Jane Davenport, Natasha May, and Suzi Blu and last but not least, my personal favorite artist Tamara Laporte.
I have started an art journal and I have done a few sketches. I am posting them on here for you to see. I told myself, even if the eyes arent symetrical or the features arent perfect, I am going to post them anyway, because thats part of the journey. So here goes, I hope you like them. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Gabbi


  1. OH Gabbi these are fantastic! I love the second one; so pretty and sophisticated. I would love to see what else you come up with. I am amazed at your talent. Keep going and please do share:0)


    FYI; I love your positive look on life.

  2. oooh they are great!! :) Love them!! Look forward to seeing more :D Thanks for sharing some of your favourite artists... look forward to checking them all out!! :D

    Hope you get a job that is perfect for you!!!

  3. Hi Gabbi, your girls are just wonderful:o) I love them. Classes are just so much fun to do and the online friends you make along the way are a bonus. I have done classes online with both Tam and Jane and also did a workshop in Bali with Jane last year. They are both awesome teachers and you learn different things for each. Good luck on the job front; your time will come, never stop believing in yourself. Hugs Annie.

  4. Well, I wouldn't say that you can't draw faces .... these are wonderful! I've learnt to draw faces in Suzi Blu's class (the goddess and the poet) and I can really recommend her, she's a great teacher. But there are also loads of free tutorials on the net. Good that you started an art journal, because the only way to learn is to practice practice practice ... Just keep going :-)

  5. I really love the femme fatale painting. It's amazing how much character comes across in so few lines. I think you've done a great job.