Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back from Vacation "temporarily"

Hello, we are back from our trip to Pensacola, Florida. It was our first time there and we are definitly going back. From the beautiful beaches, to the beautiful condos we stayed in, we couldnt ask for anything better. We were accompanied by 5 of my friends and their families which made our party a whopping 27 people. Yes, 27. Can you say FUN???? Im posting some of our pics from the absolutely amazing week. Thanks to all my friends who helped make my families memories even better. On Friday we are leaving for New York to spend a week with my family back home. I will post pics from that trip the following week. Hugs, Gabbi


  1. Love your tan Gabbi and what beautiful pics these are. I'm so enjoyin winter, but summer sure looks inviting. So pleased you had a fab time, hugs Sharon

  2. wow they are awesome piccies gabbi, it looks like you had so much fun!
    hugs Lou xx