Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fat Flush

So I know alot of bloggers have been posting their progress with their diet and exercise that they have been doing to get in shape, get healthier and just to feel good about themselves. I too struggle with this EVERY single day of my life, since I have become a mom. It seems children put a hurtin on my body and its never been the same since. I go through periods of time where I just have NO desire to eat healthy or exercise. In January, I started a Zumba class. It meets twice a week every week. Each session runs for 6 weeks. I sign up for each session and pay for it so I know I will go. and I have. Faithfully, missing maybe one class in the entire 4 1/2 months. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it. I have the greatest instructor that i adore. and I know shes the reason I keep coming back. I have dropped so much weight with this class, that it has inspired me to eat and drink healthier on a daily basis. I have to say, I am almost bikini ready. Anyway, ocasionally, I catch an episode of Dr. Oz. He always has some great tips and advice, and yesterday there was a segment on that told you how to flush fat. You do this for tens days. drink at least 8oz of this water before each meal. I made a great big pitcher of it this morning and I have to say its very refreshing. Hope you will give it a try. Thanks for visiting. Hugs Gabbi

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  1. ooh, thanks for posting this!! I have been looking for something like this. Can't wait to make it and try it tomorrow. :D