Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

This is my cat Minnie.  Today she is 20 years old.  I just cant believe she is with me that long.  I made her some catnip pillows, which is her absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world.  Usually I wrap them up for her at Christmas and put them under the tree.  Every Year she finds them and rips them open before Christmas Morning.  Today I gave them to her and she is sleeping with them at this very moment.  I just love her.  I have her almost as long as I have my first born child.  I try to prepare myself for the day she will leave me but I dont think anything will ever prepare me for that moment.  I just want her to stay with me forever.  Happy Birthday Minnie.  We love you so much.


  1. that is a pretty amazing milestone for a cat!!

    wishing Minnie many more cat-nip filled years!!:)



  2. Wow, 20! That's amazing! My cat is18 weeks old, I can't imagine him being 20!