Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello all!

Ok so I know I have been gone a really long time, however I am getting things together and will be back. I am still on the Fussy and Fancy Design Team. The wonderful Juanita gave me some time to get a new computer, start a craft room, and get my mojo back. I have to say Its all coming together nicely. I am sharing pictures of my craft room in progress. We had a home office that we just didnt use much. My son sometimes did his homework at the desk in there, but we have moved the computer to another area in the house. The only thing left to move were the God Awful Deer Heads in there. That was the only thing holding me back from having a craft room. But my Loving and willing husband decided to bring them to the ranch and hang them there instead.
So without further ado, this is how far I have gotten. Photo one & Two: sold the office furniture...

Photo Three: First Coat of Paint

So have a great day everyone and be sure to check back tomorrow and the days ahead for more updates to my new room. (I'm so excited) hee hee

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