Saturday, March 19, 2011

What A Great Spring Break

I wanted to share How blessed I am and what a great Spring Break we had, just hanging around spending quality time as a family. My daughter Gianna came home from college and my son Tristan who is in middle school had break the same time, and we sort of just hung out and spent time together this week. On Monday, Gianna and I went to a painting class. (I think she should change her major and take an art class) lol she did so well. On Tuesday we went to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to watch "KISS" perform. What a great show they put on. On Wednesday we went to see "MIRANDA LAMBERT" perform. I just love her music. Thursday and Friday we went shopping and relaxed at home. I also got to squeeze in this card. The weekend is being used to perform all those evil necessities like laundry catch up and such. Anyway, hope everyone had a great week as well. I also send all the people in Japan my prayers. If only we could do more to help. May god be with them.


  1. wow, that sounds like a really fun week!!...your daughter looks just like you!...and the paintings are fab:)...nice to pieces to hang and brighten up a room:), so pretty!

    Love your card, too-- looks like an Irish girl:)


  2. Gorgeous pic of you and Gianna... gorgeous paintings. Are KISS still rocking??? Wow... so pleased you had a good time. hugs Sharon